Bakewell Tart

This classic confection is a delicious combo of frangipane, raspberry jam and butterry shortcrust pastry. Preparation time: 1 hour Cooking time: 1 hour Difficulty: Moderate Serves: 8 Make it vegan: Replace the lard in the pastry with coconut oil or a plant-based shortening, and replace the butter in the pastry and frangipane with vegetable oil, cashewContinue reading “Bakewell Tart”


This classic dessert from Luxembourg is traditionally eaten in the autumn, when the local Quetschen plums are ripe. Special Equipment A sieve A large mixing bowl A wooden spoon A pair of kitchen scissors A rolling pin A 30cm tart tin Method Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, and stir in the saltContinue reading “Quetschentaart”


Shakshouka is popular across the Eastern Mediterranean, Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. This Israeli version is perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch! Make it vegan: Israel’s second city, Tel Aviv, is considered by many to be the vegan capital of the world, so lots of vegan options have been developed for Shakshouka! You just needContinue reading “Shakshouka”

Salzburger Nockerl

This light and fluffy dessert really melts in the mouth! A lot of Austrian sweets are intricate cakes, like the Esterhazy Torte, Dobostorte and Sachertorte. Strudels, like the Apfelstrudel and Weichselstrudel, are popular deserts. Other desserts include the Danish Pastry (originally brought to Denmark by Viennese bakers) and the Vanillekipferl. Salzburg itself is the homeContinue reading “Salzburger Nockerl”

Masala Chai

Preparing Masala Chai (‘mixed-spice tea’) takes more work than rustling up a quick cup of tea- but this beautifully aromatic, warming drink is well worth the extra effort. Background Home: India Pronunciation: (mass-allah-chai) Relatives: Noon Chai (Kashmir), Hong Kong Tea (Hong Kong), Teh Tarik (South East Asia) History The history of Masala Chai stretches backContinue reading “Masala Chai”

Pastéis de Nata

Special Equipment A whisk A rolling pin A wooden spoon A large saucepan A 12 hole muffin tin A pastry brush Background Home: Portugal Pronunciation: /pɐʃˈtɛɫ dɨ ˈnatɐ/ (pastays dei natta) (Pasteis is plural-a singular pastry is a plural) Relatives: Egg Custard (United Kingdom), Egg Tart (Hong Kong), Flans Pâtissiers (France), Alivenci (Romania), Melktart (SouthContinue reading “Pastéis de Nata”


Background Pronunciation: /ˈʐu.rɛk/ (jurr-ekk) Origin: Poland Relatives: Barszcz Bialy (Poland), Zhur (Belarus), Kyselo (Czechia), Okroshka (Russia), Bors (Romania).  History  The word ‘Żurek’ is the diminutive form of the ‘Żur’, a variation of the Old High German ‘sur’, meaning sour.   Fermented cereal soups are a traditional staple food in several other central and eastern European countries,Continue reading “Żurek”