This amazing dessert is much greater than the sum of its parts! Making the Tiramisu in advance and then leaving it for a little while in the fridge allows the creamy flavours to infuse and creates a delicious result. Preparation time: 20 minutes Refrigeration time: 3 to 24 hours Difficulty: Moderate Serves: 10 Ingredients 300g/10.5oz/3Continue reading “Tiramisu”


Bustrengo is eaten all year round in San Marino, but it’s particularly popular at Christmas. Light, moist and packed with citrus and fruit, Bustrengo is a delightful Mediterranean alternative to Christmas cake Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour Difficulty: Easy Serves: 10-20 Ingredients 150g/5oz/1 cup of cornmeal 100g/3.5oz/1 cup of plain flour  100g/3.5oz/7/8Continue reading “Bustrengo”


There’s a lot of history behind Piernik: it’s Polish gingerbread, which is traditionally eaten at Christmas. Piernik comes in many shapes and sizes, and some versions can be left to mature for months or even years before being baked. This quick version is a soft cake, flavoured with gingerbread spices and plum jam, and decoratedContinue reading “Piernik”

Horiatiki Salata

Horiatiki Salata (Greek Salad) is a delicious Mediterranean mix of tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper and kalamata olives, topped with feta cheese, sprinkled with oregano and drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette.  Preparation time: 10 minutes Serves: 4 Difficulty: Easy Ingredients A cucumber Three salad tomatoes Half a red onion A green pepper 10-20Continue reading “Horiatiki Salata”