Bakestones (Picau ar y maen/Welsh Cakes)

Melt in your mouth Welsh Cakes- the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10-20 minutes Serves: 10 Difficulty: Easy Ingredients 50g/just under 2oz/1/4 cup of butter 50g/just under 2oz/1/4 cup of lard 225g/8oz/just under 2 cups of self raising flour 85g/3oz/just under 1/2 a cup of caster sugarContinue reading “Bakestones (Picau ar y maen/Welsh Cakes)”


This deliciously light, easy-to-make dessert of fresh raspberries, heather honey, rolled oats, whisky and cream is quintessentially Scottish. Soaking time: 12 hours Preparation time: 20 minutes Difficulty: Easy Serves: 4 Ingredients 4-5 tbsp medium rolled oats 300g/11oz/2 1/2 cups of fresh raspberries 40g/1.5oz/3 tbsp caster sugar 400ml/4dl/3/4 pt/1 3/4 cups of double cream 3-4 tbspContinue reading “Cranachan”

Fairy and Butterfly Cakes

Little fluffy fairy cakes topped with sweet glace icing make a soft, delicate treat. Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Difficulty: Easy Makes: About 18 cakes Ingredients For the cakes: 200g/7oz/1 cup of caster sugar 115g/4oz/1/2 cup of butter or margarine (room temperature) 2 eggs 225g/8oz/just under 2 cups of self-raising flour (orContinue reading “Fairy and Butterfly Cakes”

Bakewell Tart

This classic confection is a delicious combo of frangipane, raspberry jam and butterry shortcrust pastry. Preparation time: 1 hour Cooking time: 1 hour Difficulty: Moderate Serves: 8 Ingredients For the pastry: 200g/7oz/1 3/4 cups of plain flour 50g/2oz/4 tablespoons of chilled butter 50g/2oz/4 tablespoons of chilled lard A pinch of salt 2-3 tablespoons of iceContinue reading “Bakewell Tart”


This classic dessert from Luxembourg is traditionally eaten in the autumn, when the local Quetschen plums are ripe. Preparation time: 75 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour Difficulty: Easy Serves: 10 Ingredients For the pastry: A pinch of salt 250g/9oz/2 cups of plain flour 50g/2oz/4 tablespoons of caster sugar 110g/4oz/1/2 cup of cold butter, chopped intoContinue reading “Quetschentaart”